Personal Insurance

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your wallet in case the unexpected happens to your home or on your property. Your home insurance company provides you with coverage specific to your home, belongings, and the other structures on your property. If an incident out of your control occurs at your home, you can file a claim with your insurance company to potentially receive payment for covered losses. Depending on your insurance provider and coverage types, you may pay a deductible for certain claims.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a type of personal liability insurance that can cover claims in excess of the limits of your regular insurance policy. Umbrella insurance covers not just the policyholder, but also other members of their family or household. It covers injury to others or damage to their possessions.
It doesn’t protect the policyholder’s property or liability due to injury or damage caused on purpose.

Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft insurance is an umbrella term for three types of insurance: boat insurance, yacht insurance, and personal watercraft insurance. It protects against damages to vessels powered by a motor that has a horsepower of at least 25 miles per hour (mph). Examples of the types of costs covered by watercraft insurance policies include physical loss or damage to the boat, theft of the boat, and towing.

More Personal Insurane

  • Private Client Insurance
  • Earthquake Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Off Road Vehicle Insurance
  • Excess Liability Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Valuable Possessions Insurance
  • and More!

Auto Insurance

Car insurance is effectively a contract between yourself and an insurance company in which you agree to pay premiums in exchange for protection against financial losses stemming from an accident or other damage to the vehicle. Auto insurance can offer coverage for:

  • Vehicle damages, including your car or another driver’s vehicle
  • Property damage or bodily injuries caused by an accident
  • Medical bills and/or funeral expenses associated with injuries sustained in an accident

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is coverage that helps protect against losses and repair costs for a condominium unit. Condo insurance often provides protection for theft, vandalism, fire damage, water damage, and more.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance refers to property insurance that protects tenants who live in a rented dwelling. Coverage is provided by insurance companies in exchange for premiums paid by people living in apartments, single-family homes, and condominiums. Policies provide coverage for an insured party’s personal property as well as liability claims that are not due to a structural problem with the property. These kinds of policies also cover living expenses that need to be paid out when someone makes an insurance claim after their unit is damaged. Although renters insurance isn’t a legal requirement, some landlords prefer their tenants to have some type of coverage.